Member Requirements

New Members of the Junior League of Minneapolis participate in a New Member Training Program before becoming Active members of the League. These activities and courses are designed to educate new members about the JLM, the broader Minneapolis community, voluntarism and development, while also providing opportunities to socialize with other new and Active members.

New Member Year

The 2017-18 New Member class begins in October. The New Member Training Program will occur from October through May. The program consists of:

  • Assignment to a New Member Advisor who will serve as your mentor through your first year
  • An Orientation/ Kick-off Event where you’ll meet your new “core group”
  • Participation in training courses and in JLM-sponsored events
  • Other opportunities to learn more about the Junior League of Minneapolis and our community projects

The intention of this course is to provide insight into the inner workings of the Junior League of Minneapolis and to facilitate your true potential for community voluntarism. The financial requirement for a New Member is approximately $240, including annual dues and a one-time New Member Course fee. It is anticipated that you will spend approximately 50 hours throughout your first year attending new member events, which are held in the evenings and on weekends.

New Members will be placed on committees in May 2018 and will actively participate on committees, volunteer events and development activities, from fundraisers to projects, at the start of our JLM year on June 1, 2018.

The components of the New Member year are:

  • Complete new member registration and submit your photo for the directory
  • Pay dues and New Member Course Fee ($240 for 2017-2018).
  • Attend new member training courses (topics will be focused on improving the community, promoting voluntarism and personal development)
  • Attend four General Membership Meetings, held monthly (September to May)
  • Attend three New Member socials
  • Complete fundraising and community shifts that support our various community projects and fundraisers
  • Attend Spring Placement meeting with your New Member Advisor

For more information about New Member Requirements contact us at:

Active Membership

After completing your New Member year, you will become an Active member on June 1 of the following year.

As an Active Member you will be placed on a committee and complete committee-specific tasks, ranging from preparing and leading for community shifts to assisting with a fundraiser or membership event. You will learn more about the requirements of an Active Member in the New Member Training.  Active members give anywhere from 50 to 150+ hours to the JLM each year, based on individual preferences and availability.