Chef Information


February 29, 2020


You will have access to your station to begin prep at 5 p.m. Doors open to the public 7:30 p.m. Live band performs at 8 p.m. Serving concludes when the foods runs out or 10 p.m


Warners Stellian Showroom: 3533 W 70th St, Edina, MN 55435


Ingredients. Your entry is free; tickets for guests are $50 per person and include the tasting of all foods and beverage (wine/beer).

Food Categories

Red Meat, Poultry, Seafood, Vegetarian, Dessert, Soup/Appetizer

Wish List Categories

Vegan, Gluten-free, Dairy-Free


Please fill out the registration form AND send your contact information to Jeni and Kathleen at Also, please email with any questions, comments or suggestions.


  • As a participant (individual and teams), you are graciously donating your time and food/ingredients. Servingware will be provided for you.
  • You will need to bring all your own cookware and utensils. If you are using a grill, remember to bring your own grilling tools. If you would like to use special grilling attachments/accessories, please make this request by January 15 and we will do our best to accommodate.
  • You will have access to a full-size refrigerator/freezer unit and a dishwasher, although, you may need to share these appliances with other chefs. Heating equipment is limited; please prepare as much food as possible before arriving to eliminate strain.
  • Portioning is limited to a bite size (i.e. a single mouth full). Portions should not exceed a single fork/spoon capacity. Additional details will be discussed during registration, however, assistance is available for detailed menu-planning, portion sizing, and/or budgeting.
    • Example: 1-lb of raw, lean steak should serve 32 people. If you serve the steak with additional ingredients (i.e. a piece of diced potato or a topping), 1-lb raw could extend to 40 portions.
    • Example: one jumbo shrimp, halved, serves 2 people. One medium shrimp is a single serving.
    • Example: if serving a soup/liquid, portions including garnish are not to exceed 2 ounces (shot glass)
    • Attractiveness of dishes are certainly an important detail, however, keep garnishing to a minimum unless they add value to the flavor. All components must assemble in a one-bite swipe effort.
  • Beer and wine sampling provided.
  • Please be prepared to answer questions regarding your creation and its ingredients. Attendees may have concerns regarding allergies/dietary restrictions.
  • Encourage family/friends to attend. Tickets are $50 per person.
  • The top five chefs with the most votes will earn the right to present to our Celebrity Judges, who will then choose the winner.
  • Swag bag with lots of goodies!
  • All proceeds support the Junior League’s projects and efforts to bridge the achievement gap.

Equipment will be pre-assigned. Participation as a cook is limited, so sign up TODAY!

We encourage a test-run early in the planning process to help you understand portioning as foods tend to shrink and change properties.

Thank you in advance for all your hard work – we are excited to taste your creations!