Advertising with the Junior League of Minneapolis

The Junior League of Minneapolis produces several types of publications throughout the year from our General Meeting packets, to our weekly member emails, to our Annual Report. Many of these publications are provided to not only our more than 700 members, but to our advisors, community partners, and friends as well.

JLM Membership Profile

With over 700 members, the Junior League is made up of a hard to reach demographic with considerable buying power. According to the GfK Group a little more than 40 percent of Junior Leaguers belong to a demographic called Roper Influentials. Roper Influentials tend to be energetic, affluent, married women whose opinions have an unusually powerful impact on their peers’ shopping habits and political leanings.

37% are 25-34 years old
60% work full-time outside the home
59% hold a Bachelor’s degree
40% hold a Post Graduate Degree
74% are married
54% have children
91% own their own home
27% own a second home or cabin
74% own two or more automobiles
30% have a household income over $200k