Our History

Established in 1923 by a small group of women, The Junior League of Minneapolis is a volunteer organization committed to the philosophy of community service. This spirit of social concern and community action prevails throughout our history. While the issues and our society may have changed significantly since our inaugural year, the commitment and dedication of the women who volunteer in The Junior League of Minneapolis has remained the same.

In our 100 years of service, our history has remained rich and our impact in the community is meaningful. The community projects established by the Junior League of Minneapolis have been diverse and far-reaching. Please visit our historical list of projects to learn more about the breadth of our community impact.

Today, The Junior League of Minneapolis focuses its volunteer and advocacy efforts on the opportunity gap. The Junior League of Minneapolis’ projects are aimed at addressing the underlying causes of the opportunity gap that hinder the learning process for students.

In addition to improving our community, the League’s advancement of women’s leadership through volunteer action, collaboration and training has created a lasting legacy. The impact of the training and leadership experiences offered by The Junior League of Minneapolis are visible in nonprofit organizations, businesses, and nonprofit and for-profit boards.

Learn more about our history in this 90th Anniversary Booklet and video celebrating 100 years of The Junior League of Minneapolis.