Member Commitments

New members of The Junior League of Minneapolis participate in a New Member Training Program before becoming active members of the League. These activities and courses are designed to educate new members about the JLM, the broader Minneapolis community, voluntarism and development, while also providing opportunities to socialize with other new and active members.

New Member Year

The New Member Training Program will occur from September through May (similar to a school year).

The program consists of:
  • training events and courses focused on JLM history and structure, and leadership and volunteer skills
  • experiential training to organize, plan and execute a large-scale family friendly community event
  • socials across new members and active members
  • membership meetings across new members and active members
  • fundraising and community shifts across the JLM

Time Commitment:
On average, you can expect to attend three three-hour shifts or meetings per month

  • 1 membership meeting
  • 1 community or fundraising shift
  • 1 New Member Training Program event or training

Active Membership

After completing your New Member Year and paying dues, you will become an Active Member of The Junior League of Minneapolis on June 1.

As an Active Member, you will be placed on a committee and complete committee-specific tasks (this replaces the small group meetings/training from the New Member year). Active members give anywhere from 50-150+ hours to the JLM each year based on individual preferences and availability. Membership is designed to be flexible and accommodate the experiences and balance each member is seeking.