Marta Haynes- Performance Anxiety, Building Beautification, and People Serving People

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The team was set, the countdown had started.  T-3 minutes, the doors would open, and approximately 250 people would be expecting us to be on our A game.  My palms were sweaty, my heart rate was a bit elevated.  Oh – and my hair net was NOT cute.  I suddenly felt awkward in a way I had never felt awkward before – well not at least since I took my first Barre class.  Like I was all left feet.

Performance anxiety.  I have been plagued with it since I was a little kid.  And here I am – at the ripe age of 37 – serving as a shift lead for the very first time at People Serving People.  Am I some type of nut?  Who gets nervous about volunteering to serve lunch at a shelter?

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